Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shawl 9, Mary Mary Quite Contrary

This is one that you've seen a little bit of.  It's a new-ish pattern in that you haven't seen a blocked specimen yet, but I have just had it test knit (successfully, yay).

So here she is, in Misti Alpaca light blue.

Overall shot.
And here
Detail of the transitions
I like this pattern.  I guess I should, since I slapped the stitch patterns together.  There's something simple, but fun about knitting it.  I used rule of 10 for the first 2, and then a 12 for the border.

This is now officially the largest of the shawls, coming in at around 5 feet long down the center spine.  Want to see?
Yep, that is almost brushing the hearth.
In order to get a decent detail shot on the dress form, I had to take 2 pictures.

See what I mean?  This was knit on size 3 needles.  Amazing what blocking does, no?

I actually like this shot.
double drape
For fun, I also knit a cashmere/merino/silk one on size 2.  She's also blocked, finished and photo'd, but as shawl 10 I figure she deserves her own post.  So here we have it, Mary Mary Quite Contrary.  You are now dubbed Shawl 9.

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