Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shawl 7, Rose Colored Joie

I'm still catching up on finished objects here.  I'm grateful to my commenters who helped me decide that I could use more than one knit of each pattern for this project.  I hope that folks get a kick out of the next iteration of these.

So, here are the blog posts that deal with this shawl.  I'm kind of ashamed that I didn't blog this one more.  It was knit in the time when I was wrestling with whether or not it would count for the project, so I kept it kind of close to the vest.

Here are some detail shots, with red in the background per my husband's preference. 

I'm not sure I agree that this red was the best, but it does work.
Detail of triangle construction
Now, HERE they are on a nice scarlet color.
I like this darker red better.

The full monty!
This was knit from Fleece Artist blue faced leicester in rose.  Roughly 600 yards, this was the biggest of the shawls knit until I did my Mary Mary shawls.  I love knitting the Joie pattern.  When I knit the first, I thought it was just the alpaca/silk yarn that made this pattern so fun.  But in an unplanned happy coincidence of fate, these patterns just work well together (in my opinion).  I loved working with the BFL.  It has lanolin in it, which means it smells a bit sheepy.  I didn't do a power scrub on it, after the knit, so someone is going to have a lovely piece with fantastic soft (and softening) properties.  Knitting this shawl gave me a new fiber to love!

I hereby declare this finished object Shawl 7, the Rose Colored Joie.

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