Friday, November 12, 2010

It's Enormous

So, last night I finished the knitting on my Father's Serious Scarf.  This morning, I measured it before soaking it... and it was 72 inches unblocked.   Aha, hahaha.  Perhaps 7 skeins would have been enough.

Anyway, it's currently blocking across my oldest's bed.

It reminds me of chain link fence.
Here, you can see the edging.  Simple seed stitch, but I think it works with the scarf well.

simple, sturdy
Apparently, my husband is contemplating how to get one of his own.  I am reserving judgement until I see my Dad with it, but as far as the spousal unit is concerned this is a success. 

So, it started out 72 inches long... and it's so long it is about 2 feet longer than the king sized bed as it blocks.  No wonder this sucker was so heavy when I bound off the edge.  I hope to get a picture when I give it to Dad, but we'll see what he's willing to put up with.

I am not as good with worsted and heavier yarns.  I have chronic arthritis in my wrists and recurrant tendonitis from my teenage years, so when my knits get to be more than about a pound the knitting is actually painful.  It may be part of why I enjoy lace knitting so well.  I get a lot of mileage out of very little weight.

If you're looking for a fun read, check out this comment!  I giggle and nod every time I read it, and I suspect every knitter goes through something similar while designing. 

This weekend, I'll only be able to post on Sunday.  Saturday, I have a standing engagement (which is surprisingly not knit related).  So I'll catch everyone Sunday afternoon!  Speaking of Sunday, you have until Sunday night at midnight to comment on this post and be entered in the giveaway.  Winners will be announced Monday sometime after 7AM Eastern.

Have fun and knit on!

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  1. I think the scarf is wonderful, and I empathize with your wrist pain. I've completely stopped crocheting because of cramping, but strangely, it's in the off hand holding the work, not the one doing the hooking(HUH?). I'm sure this scarf would be just as warm, effective and masculine in a lighter weight sport or sock weight yarn, so I hope hubby gets one.

    I'm glad you like my design process.