Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Once again, life confounds

I'm sensing a trend where roughly every other post is a non-picture post.  I did take some pictures, and I've almost finished typing up my Quince & Co yarn review.  In the not as fortunate column, my husband has started classes on Tuesday nights, so I go direct from work to mama time. 

Ordinarily, that wouldn't bother me.  But I've discovered through recent experience that I mistype links or screw up sizing my pictures (meaning I am saavy enough to re-size them, but not saavy enough to keep from, say, saving them someplace I will never ever find again until I reformat.) if I have to put off posting until after shorty is asleep.

I've entered the 3/4ths done stage of the first Serious Scarf.  This is usually the point in knitting where I end up putting in my time and wondering why the end of the knitting never seems to get any closer.  I've knit up 6 skeins out of 8 and will wind the next two tomorrow morning.  Additionally, I need to find a spot in my house that is a good backdrop for finished object shots.  The perpetual rain we've been having is just not condusive.  I know re-blocking won't hurt the shawls but, really?  I don't think I desire needing to block them in the middle of taking pictures.

Tomorrow is going to stink.  My husband has an all day work class, and then he's off for Man Night (another rousing game of D&D).  So I'll be alone pretty early until really late.  I'm hoping to get the editing done and have a nice, shiny picture post for the morning.  Until then, I leave you with little man's artistic endeavors.

Mixed media by 4 year old
Not a bad use for a "battle-axe"/ propeller
Until then, ta muchly.

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