Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shawl 6, vine and leaf take two

I know I haven't updated the blog with these shawls as much as I should have.  I was waiting to see the outcome of the poll about whether it was cheating to do multiple versions of my patterns, or if it needed to be 200 distinct patterns.  The consensus is that multiple knitted versions of my patterns is acceptable, so I'm catching up the blog with the latest knits.

Since this is the 6th shawl to be finished, it is dubbed number 6!  Here are some blog posts, reminding you of the knitting that went on.

Let's start with another detail shot, those are always fun.

The ends of the vine pattern wave gently, this shot shows the color of the yarn well.
This is a shot you won't have seen any approximation of previously:
Color is crap, but this is the way the blocked triangle points look.
This may be patting myself on the back, but I really enjoy this pattern.  I have knit this 3 times for 2 shawls thanks to the first one being too tight, and not a good enough knit for me to put my name on.  Happens.  I'm actually plugging away on a final one of these in silk.  The yarn for this is Manos Del Uruguay silk and wool.  I used a little over 4 skeins of yarn, thanks to one of them having 11 knots in it.  Despite that, I love this shawl.  I love the color, I love the knitting of it, and I love the weight.  DK weight shawls feel so solid, almost like a hug.

Mmmm, hug.
This is a pretty good representation of how large this ended up being.
This comes down almost to my knees in back.
And although this isn't a fabulous picture, I love the silhouette.

hmm, maybe a bolero out of this pattern...
So, here is the evergreen vine and leaf.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the knitting.

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