Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shawl 10, Mary Mary take 2, Hoarfrost

While I was knitting shawl 9 on size 3 needles, I was knitting this shawl at the same time on size 2 needles. 

I added some more holes to the edging lace, just for fun on this one. 

white back detail, shown flat

side of triangle, detail, shown flat

This is a heavier yarn.  Almost a fingering weight, to the Misti Alpaca lace weight.  This is a smaller shawl, but by no means a small shawl.  Although the yarn is heavier weight, the smaller needles make for a more dense, silky (thanks to the cashmere) fabric.

Only a few inches shorter, but compare this back to the original knit and you'll see the density difference.
In white, this reminds me of hoarfrost
Is it wrong of me to love this shot?
To be honest, I have another of these on the needles in midnight blue that I'm beading.  I have another just off the needles in an alpaca silk (which won't be offered, it was a yardage test-knit).  I also have the handmaiden silk and wool currently on the needles, and another vine and leaf nearing the point where I can knit the border onto it.  And I have one more that I know of blocking on the bed.  So, I'm pretty close to 4 more to post here.  Now that I have the results of the poll, I will be blogging the knits more aggressively.  I wasn't sure I would be able to use the results of all of this knitting, so it didn't get blogged as closely as I would like.

Anyway, without more of my faffing on, here is Shawl 10, Hoarfrost.

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