Tuesday, November 30, 2010

and so we knit

Tonight, I type this knowing that my youngest son went to sleep angry with me.  It's not a good feeling, and moreso because his anger is unjust.  He is angry that he missed the last 45 seconds of his episode of fruits basket.  This is because I was picking up and he decided to fight with me for the dvd player remote control, and in grabbing my hand, he managed to also smash the power button.  Rather than letting me turn it back on and finishing out the last 45 seconds of his show, he threw himself into bed and wept himself asleep.  Refusing all offers of comfort, explanation, or condolence. 

So, unsettled and unhappy, and aware that we'll likely go through something similar tomorrow while my husband is at man night, I knit.  It doesn't undo this miserable episode.  It doesn't fix anything, or make the 5 nights a week it's my job to put him to bed any less of a struggle.  But it does let me sleep without weeping in sadness and frustration myself.  So I knit.

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  1. It's funny (in the way doesn't that make you laugh) how much energy the human race puts into being angry over things which ultimately make no difference at all. Only children have any excuse for this, because to them everything they do and want is so very, very important and serious. Let him have this luxury of intensity while he can, because there are many more frustrations still awaiting him, and for some of them he will turn to you instead of away.